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YouTube: 268k. Twitch 16k. Twitter 10k. Tech, Fighting Games and Drawing.

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Feel free to donate and support me! The better we do on Twitch the more I'll be able to stream with you :)

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Subscribers really make these streams possible and the more we have the more likely we can keep it going! Let's make this happen!

Give me advice!

Please chat lots! I stream because playing while chatting with you all is way more fun than playing on my own. Got some advice? Got a question? Freely drop it in the chat or as donation messages. We avoid foul language here but I'm very open to criticism :)

Our Community

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Wanna chat off stream too? This discord has multiple chat rooms so there's something for everyone! Come on over! Discord invite link→


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The schedule isn't fixed. Check Twitter for a heads up sometimes→

Want more? Check out my YouTube :)

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Over 900 videos and counting! You're sure to find something to watch :)