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Ex Halo and Skullfan.Returning BF3 tryhard I don't play Any other games because I hate casualization.

Привет. Lets get this out the way.

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I usually take long to reply because I focus in the game. Let's please keep the chat in english [Спэк английский] (even if I know what you say, I wont reply) I generally don't have problem with shitposting and shit-talking, so let's make it clear. 1. Say what you want at your own discresion 2. if it becomes a shitstorm it your fucking problem 3. If you get easily offended or (triggered) this probably isn't the place for you.

About Me

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I have ironic suicidal tendencies and and in my anger from 0-100 I'm a constant 80


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What console do you use?: Xbox 360 Why the 360?: 2 reasons- 1 I'm poor and in a foreign country, not many ways to make money. 2 I have a custom FOV and it still hasnt been found out on how to implement that to Xbone (I will never play outside of my FOV ever again) What's Your FOV?: 100 Horizontal Why do you only play BF3?: Because the other titles in the series are casual garbage, sorry. It's the current year, why are you still playing BF3?: As old and as broken as BF3 is, its still the best game out there for gunplay mechanics, I'm a highly competitive player and I have a deep passionate hate for casualization and instant gratification for no skill all reward mechanics, hence why I stopped playing Halo after Reach. I still use BF3 in Xbox 360 too, can you teach me to change my FOV?: I've gotten loads of questions and requests of that, I'll probably do it eventually. (University takes a lot of my time)

Other Shit

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My main games is BF3 in Xbox and PC anything else would probably be because I'm an achievment whore, or I just like the game. I allow lewds to be posted on chat, there's nothing better than eyecandy to make your peepee diamonds and your soul feel that feel.

Broke foreign University student found.

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I have a bitcoin wallet like any typical Russian: 15rgtehdCx8tj7ywQ4Qgy7MMZmNmTYTQtp

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Other people to watch

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[Shot]( (He's my suicidal and self deprocating twin that hates to be alive just as much as I do.) [Rusty]( (He's a powerbottom but ok to look at.) [Stratton]( (Go way back with this kid from BF3, he plays whatever he feels like it.) [Pookerz]( (Another fatneck I became good friends with.)

Best Waifu

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If you talk about Anime you will be called a weaboo regardless of wheter I agree with you or not, you autistic chinese cartoon watching nerd. France a best, If you say otherwise you have shit taste and I will point it out.