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Hey! I'm Grillo, you can also call me Ninjas (with the S), or even NDK if you feel so inclined! He/him. Animal Crossing streamer who's adding some variety to the lineup. Let's all hang out and be awesome to each other!


# Commands Some of these get you links and things, others allow you to play sounds and videos during my stream! ## Everyone Anyone in chat can use the following commands: * !netbop Hit spacebar and add another person's name in chat and bop them with a net! !yeet Works the same as !netbop, only you're not bopping them. * !hype Show some hype in chat! * !socials Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. Get all my links! * !lurk Let us know you're still around even if you're not active in chat. Lurkers are always welcome! * !stop * !wow * !dawae * !bang ## Subs, VIPs, and Mods Subscribers, VIPs, and moderators all get access to the following commands!: * !barrel * !danger * !doit * !fail * !joke * !omg * !pizza * !space

Bit Alerts

The bit amounts below will trigger sound alerts with an accompanying gif. I will reveal the alert as people use them. 1-99 bits (except where noted below) "My name's Jeff" 5 bits - Jotaro "Yes yes yes" 18 bits - "I love refrigerators" 25 bits - "Why are you running?" 30 bits - "Free Shavacado" 35 bits - Premier Cherdenko (Tim Curry) "Space!" 40 bits - Geddan (get down) 66 bits - Emperor Palpatine "Execute order 66" 69 bits - NSP "6969" 90 bits - LOL Internet (Running in the 90s) 100+ bits - M. Bison "Yes!" 1000+ bits - "Now that's a lotta damage!" 5000+ bits - Joseph Joestar "Oh my god!" (Someone was silly) 9000+ bits - *not yet redeemed* (Don't. Seriously.)
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