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The name is 'knee' like your body and 'tie' like you're fancy. Queer gamer playing games that make big feels.I game to cry and I game to laugh.I

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If you like what I am doing you can support me in so many ways! You can: Follow the channel! Watch when I go live! Tell a friend! Financially support the stream by cheering, subscribing or sending tips to me on [paypal](

Who I Am

Oh hi there friend! I am Nitai, and I believe that video-games can uplift, heal and connect us with other people. All are welcome here. You are welcome Here


My feathered friend is Venu Gita the green cheek conure. He was hatched mid-march 2018 and has been living with me since June 2018. His favorite color is orange, his favorite food is carrots and his hobbies are snuggling, eating and chasing cat toys.

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