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Dumdum Panda, Martial artist who loves to art, sing and game. Nice to meet you!

Welcome to Samsara

I'm Shura, a half-panda martial artist who treads the Path of Asura. I come from another world and has been living on Earth since I was young. I mostly stream video games now, with art streams at least once a week. You can find the games I stream in the panel below. Once more, welcome to Samsara and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Tools of Trade

As a streamer, the following are what I use: - XP Pen Star 03 V2 Graphics Tablet - CLIP Studio Paint - Audio Technica ATR2100X Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone More tools will be added to the list as time goes on.

Streaming Times

Streams usually start at 8:30PM [GMT+7] / 1:30PM [UTC], but times may change. Changed times generally between 7PM - 9PM [GMT+7] / 12PM - 2PM [UTC] All streams are random and dependent on mood, but I will try to stream at least once a week


General Profile Picture - [HaruuuKuma]( Starting Screen Art - [Vanilla Tea-er]( Logo Design - [VanillaTea_Er]( Logo Animation - [ZaleosVtuber]( Modes/Decor Chibi Mode - [HaruuuKuma]( Port Chibi Mode - [Portgirl]( Feet-Eater Shura/FEater - [Vanilla Tea-er]( Panda Mode - [Regular Jo]( Mimi the Cat - [Revay]( Baby Bean mode - [WinterKindLita]( Emotes nitensComf - [HaruuuKuma]( nitensUwUVibe - [Vanilla Tea-er](

Games Streamed

Current games: - Apex Legends - Super Mecha Champions - Yu-Gi-Oh!! Master Duels - VALORANT Completed games: - No Straight Roads [Japanese run] - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance [Main Game/JETSTREAM/BLADE WOLF] - Azur Lane: Crosswave On Hiatus: - Scarlet Nexus - Dark Souls III - SEKIRO: Shadows Die Twice - Elden Ring Occasional: - Dead by Daylight - Rainbow 6: Siege - Insurgency: Sandstorm - Left 4 Dead 2 - Mobile Suit Gundam Online [Discontinued] - Ready or Not


Q: Why do you have 4 ears? A: Well I'm half-panda, and us half-breeds have genetic variations just like how we have different hair and eye colors! Sometimes we get both sets of ears, though most times we only get the panda ears. Q: How do you hear? A: The ears on top of my head don't actually "work" per se, so I hear through the ones on the side. I can move the ones on top though! Q: What martial arts do you do? A: I used to do quite a lot, so I'll give the umbrella terms - Koryu (Japanese martial arts), Kung Fu, HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) and MMA. Do note I'm not a master, I'm just someone who learnt them to further my knowledge and try to preserve the culture! Q: Why panda? A: I was born this way man! Q: If you could choose to be anything else, what would it be? A: I used to want to be a dragon, and there was a time I considered myself a demon. But I guess I wanted to be a bird really, specifically a raven or crow. That said, I'm happy with who I am now too! Q: Why do you stream only at night? A: I have an office job during the day, and I don't work from home due to my position. Q: What languages do you speak? A: I speak English, Bahasa Melayu, Bahasa Indonesia and a little bit of German and very very beginner level Japanese.

Chat Rules

- If you are a minor/below 18 years of age, please exit left. My humour and channel is intended for mature audiences. - Please keep chat in English only, unless the streamer switches language. - Respect the other members of chat. - Aggression to other members of chat will not be tolerated. - Do not promote Discord channels. - Don't talk about other VTubers or Streamers unless the topic matches or the streamer brings it up. - Swear like a sailor, go ahead. But turn off the racism. - Keep chat on topic! While starting new topics once in a while is fine, doing it repeatedly will result in a ban. - NO BACKSEATING UNLESS ASKED