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I ran a radio show years ago called NiTeWuRX, so I figured I'd use that here for broadcasting. Musically I go by CuBiST Currently obsessed with webdev, DIY electronics, cooking, music, and maybe even some gaming... figured why not share my passions

Modular Travel Case HYPE!

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Just got one of these and populated in on stream ... Lovely craftsmanship, more than enough power for my needs! Are you looking for a great case? I highly suggest you look into these beautifully hand made treasures! []( and you can see my current setup @ [ModularGrid](

CuBiST Chaos Machine

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This is the ever changing space ship control panel that I now use to move thru soundscapes and spacetime Maybe we can go there together, you are welcome to join! Details are @ [Modular Grid]( If you don't know about eurorack modulars, don't be afraid to ask! I'm still learning and always like gear talk! Maybe start [HERE](

Other Streamers

Over the past couple years, I've had the delight to find and help support many great streamers Please go check these folks out! Follow Them (and subscribe if so inclined!) ### New peeps first! Please help these up and coming jammers find their place here by giving them a follow! +[yawasabere]( - Minimal box jam hype What brought me to streaming on twitch? Modular!!! Great to see one of the first people that I saw make modular 'musical' +[colinbenders]( - Colin uses his modular like a symphony! must watch! and the many other cool modular artists: +[mazmith]( - crazy gear w/great jams +[bleeptemple]( - nice aussie jams +[moonhouse_avdept]( - modular / keys / eke & stuffs +[solvognen]( - modular + gear = nice jams +[shapenoise]( - great modular artist +[drum_operator]( - huge rack, good beats +[DJUNYA_MUSIC]( - sweet sounds +[musicelevator]( - big boy racks +[dnktrl]( - 3 danish modular artists +[modularseattleb]( - collective +[newyorkmodularsociety]( - another collective +[IOUStudio]( - legos and modular? + sax?! +[synth_lab]( - vcv/synths in the basement +[theentirerobot]( - modular/keys/Bbbass +[untilledsound]( - seattle noise experiments +[Setzero]( - super nice volca + modulars +[sh1tw0lf]( - explorative synths & modular +[dronehands]( - tape loops/pedals/VCV +[jaynothin]( - VCV master! +[theearthsmoon42]( - master of 'The Neb' +[dag2099]( - Another VCV addict! +[krisbaha]( - aussie in berlin +[PeakaeMusic]( - good ambient modular! +[morphlex]( - miss his Rephlex'y modular jams +[antpb]( - really cool glitchy modular + VR Game Dev +[scottdanesi]( - DIY modular, DJ, and PINBALL!? +[SOPiiAC]( - insiteful modular / DIY guy - synthurdays! +[wasmarkhere]( - another modular + gear jammer! +[slaughtrhaus]( - modular goodness +[drywetcarrot]( - nice rig & rare jams! +[GODisDRUGS]( - occasional dark jams +[gearfreq]( - hardware junky, hasn't been on lately +[tchetchko]( - modular artist +[aglowinthedark]( - oddly cool ### Other great content providers +[davidminer]( - learn FOARM to make 'a thing' +[dquil_live]( - smooth jams +[mon0no]( - smooth jams +[devolta]( - nice evolving jams! +[tremendm_labs]( - visual retro psychedelic jams +[jeff4reel]( - minimal gear and pedals jammer +[proem__]( - cool minimal noise floor +[miunau]( - good minimal sounds + vinyl +[calus001]( - cats, smokes, & synths +[neonhaus]( - sick gear with solid sounds +[dan_kushner]( - B..B...BASSSS! +[sanderklepper]( - command center jams! +[spaceyblurr]( - almost as crazy as I am! +[youropponent0]( - super danceable jammin +[5QRLmusic]( - great 'soundguy' jams! +[octonode]( - most virtual fish +[caffeinewriter]( - IRL friend / gamer / nerd +[davemakesnoises]( - synth, bass & guitar jams +[hallotabby]( - chillax german experimenters +[ixstudioscleveland]( various goodies +[InformationTray]( DJ and another part of IX +[middream_la]( - chill downtempo +[ElleTerese]( - great art & cool music +[c0pperqueen]( - lovely ethereal soundscapes +[jacobabrams]( - keyboard improve with cute kitty! +[thegracefulbard]( - great voice and keyboard looper +[trickbird]( - great Puerto Rico ambient jams +[oozebrood]( - IRL & cool art +[brandonsillsproject]( - no nonsense hardcore retro / metal +[blueaudio]( - fun and witty music to be had +[unZeebs]( - seriously intricate jazzy chip tune +[chronoxmusic]( - very serious ethereal soundscapes +[seriousmastering]( - gear and audio manipulation +[echo_locations]( - great guitar soundscapes +[wolfasylum]( - killer australian glitchy weird stuff +[mrkrispii]( - we miss your beautiful music! +[tomcosm]( - that weird music machine +[xilent]( - bitwig + pebbles = great glitchy dubstep +[nightmaresequence]( - fast paced, fun critiques +[vhsglitch]( - mysterious synthwave wizard ### Don't forget DIY'ers! +[sydheresy]( ) - Modular Jammer + DIY streamer +[catincog]( - DIY speedrunner +[badtoothrecords]( +[abridgewater]( +[hazeanderson]( +[test_session]( - DIY streamer / Jammer +[notesandvolts]( ### Great DJ's +[rickstaroc]( +[jovian]( +[lost_in_house]( +[pondelinp]( +[xhonta]( +[djcoherence]( +[djtaceht]( +[beat_theory]( +[julietstar]( +[frazzegeballer]( +[stevegmia]( +[deejsweeby]( +[djeunoia]( +[subculture_postpunk](

Come play Ark with us!

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Do you play Ark:Survival Evolved? We run a 'sub only' server on the Valguero map here! Contact NiteWurx for details!


Some other things I'd like to share If you're interested in seeing more of my original photography, artwork, and videos: [Flickr]( [Youtube]( Most recent snippets: []( Couple old songs and a few new raw mixdowns: [SoundCloud]( Music that I listen to: [LastFM](