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Last live 2 months ago

Formerly a twitch streamer.


About me: 42 Year old male from Canada, gamer since the NES first came out and never grew out of it. Generally I play: - RPGs - Survival / Survival Horror - Silly shit like EDF - Retro stuff like Ogre Battle, Shining Force, Final Fantasy etc. I usually stream 3 nights during the week (generally Wed/Thurs/Fri and often on Saturday and occasionally Sunday, from around 8pm EST until Midnight or so) I have 2 dogs, there is second cam which is the doggo cam which you can request I put on. There's also a point redemption for giving them treats. Hopefully you pop in, enjoy the stream and like chatting with me. I don't take any of this too seriously and I'm here just to have fun, so feel free to offer advice or tips or whatever, I don't claim to know everything.


1 - Nix will remain clothed for the duration of the stream 2 - Nix will not stream blackout drunk more than 25% of the time 3 - When the gaming is over, no Just Talking streams. Nix will just go to bed and sleep it off. 4 - No Karaoke >.< 5 - No Watch Parties (oops) 6 - Strive to better normalize volume levels across the game, mic and discord 7 - Continue to have 100% auto-tune free background music. However, for a couple bits you can now Auto-Tune Nix!


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