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Certified East Gamer! Reptile and Tarantula Owner! I love arts and craft

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**Who are you?** I am "No Sleep" Niyah. Welcome to my channel! **What do you stream?** I am a Variety Streamer. I like to play games that involves base building, crafting, RPG, survival, open world and farming **Any pets?** I own Reptiles and Tarantulas. **What are your Hobbies other than video games?** - I love arts and crafts.
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We are a tight-knit group of Streamers on the east coast that support and stream together! Those who game together, stick together! LOL!
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Click the image to follow and join *East Gamers* discord! Come chat with us and keep up to date! AND keep an eye out for GIVEAWAYS to loyal viewers just like you!