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nkjemisin streams Horizon Forbidden West, Journey and Resident Evil 3.

Stream Rules

Be nice. I like nice people. No backseat gaming. I like figuring things out on my own, thanks. Profanity OK but within reason. I am fond of creative cursing. Respect the mods. Don't ask why I'm not playing a certain game. Don't ask to add me on PSN or XBox Live, and don't be offended if I never approve your friend requests. Nothing personal, it's just a lot to manage and I'm here to play. Don't ask for spoilers of my books and don't spoil them for others. No I won't confirm your rumors about anything. I'm here to chew bubble gum & play games, and I don't actually like bubble gum because it gives me gas. Break the rules, get banned. Be an asshole, get banned. Simple as that. I ain't got time <strike>to bleed</strike> for warnings.