Nokina streams Persona 4 Golden, Among Us and Diablo.


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Going try start saving stuff With ya Donate on twitch alert i can better out my stream with new equipment and other stuff. I be very thankful for all ya help :)


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Kingdom Hearts/FFXIV- Thuesday and Thursday 10amest Rest 12pm est

Viewers Rules And Mods Rules

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Viewers Rules 1.No spoiler or hints I should not have to warn ya about that I want to enjoy the game at it Fullest just like everyone else please have the same respect for me, as for Hints or help i will call out in chat if I need any help Hints without being ask will be T/O for warning Spoilers is a Ban (i really don't need to give anyone second chance after one spoilers) 2. Don't be troll in chat. It really rude and disrespectful will result in immediate ban 3. Link are ok as long as it not somebody channel of any video site or any porn sites that also very rude while I casting. Will result in time out for warning on linking other channel then ban if it happen again. Immediate ban if it a porn sites should not have to warn ya about the porn sites. 4. Don't fight in chat want everyone get along and that will result into Time out for warning ban if it happen it again. Mod Rules 1. (Please Don't abuse your power all because your a mod that will result of you losing your mod title) 2 Please use your Judgement what go on chat remember look at viewers rule if you feel unsure 3. If i playing a blind game chat need to be paying attention more closely for spoilers 4. When T/O Someone go in my inbox send me the username what they did wrong (that way we can all be fair who we T/O in chat) 5 Lastly if I call who to T/O for my personal reason offense or very uncalled for please T/O that user out no questions about it Follow these rules and will do just fine :)

My YouTube Channel

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Don't Forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel if you like the stream there game I post on there ;)
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Please Follow my Twitter for Update of YouTube or twitch video

Beaten Games

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A B C D Diablo E F: Far Cry 3, G H I J K L M N Nier Automata O Odin Sphere, P Persona 5 Q R Resident Evil (Jill, Chris), S T The Walking Dead Season (1-2 Michonne) U: Undertale, Uncharted 4 Thief End, V W X Y Z Zelda ( Ocarina of Time, Breath of The Wild)