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Hi everyone! and welcome to NOOBINATOR47'S livestream! Hope you enjoy all enjoy the wonderful amount of nonsense, memes, and stupidity that you are about to be subjected to.

Support My Artist!

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Wanna get some sweet art like i got for my channel? check out my good friend Andernav! Click the picture for more content as well!

The Basics!

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This Channel has no real limits, but there will be only a couple of rules that need to be followed. Other than these, everything else is really fair game. My schedule varies per week, I could stream 5 times one week, but then not stream at all the next. It really depends on my schedule.

The Rules... Got To Have Some Ya Know

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The rules here are very simple, 1. No use of the N word. 2. Don't harass other viewers (harassing me is fine) 3. Don't spam chat unless instructed to by myself. 4. Do not advertise yours or anyone else's livestream on here without permission, its just plane rude. other than that, sit back and enjoy the stream!

Top Donators!

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1. Bobsburgers895: $1276.00 2. ShadowLegionaire $1255.00 3. Neptune: $1155.00 4. JadeHyena: $700.00 5. LuckyBacon $658.69 Honorable Mentions: Antijackee: $269.66 WhearyAva5: $235.00 GoldSmile59: $209.00 Star_12: $180.00 SirReggie: $180.00 12dajango: $170.00 Marshmallow: $170.00 Mister_Sandman: $170.00 Xenocri: $133.30 Gamermod: $103.62 ShelbyAnn: $105.00 Overspray: $100.00 SnowFlake01: $95.00 TheJazzyGiraffe: $45.00 Zepherus: $30.00 BriosGaming: $30.00 AliceClass: $25.00 ChimCham: $25.00 M3chii: $25.00 S3xyVix3n: $25.00 Kinkeypenguin1: $25.00 Ultimate117: $20.69

Merch Store!!!

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Check out the merch store to get some sweet NOOBINATOR products to show your support!!!

My Pc Specs

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CPU: i7 Intel Core 7700K Graphics Card: NVIDIA RTX 2070 8GB 32GB of DDR4 RAM Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix B-450-F Case: Phantom 920X Power Supply: 1000W EVGA Gold

Donate! Maybe... If you want to... I'm poor ;-;

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Click On The Image To Donate! All donations received go right back to the channel, such as getting new games/equipment/ ect. All amounts are appreciated and you will receive a shout out for it. Thanks a bunch ^^