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Uff Da! Local Seattle native, work during the day, creative hobby and gaming at night. Level 32 and just a filthy casual tryin to chill an game when I can. Strategy/RPG/MOBA/FPS/Puzzle are my genres, come hang and die and join us in Alesgard. Take a Liking to a Viking! SKAL!

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1. 0 pr0nz 2. DBAD 3. Say Hi, lemme know youre there 4. love me... and everyone else, I guess Generally chat is a FFA for me anything goes, just don't make it an inappropriate TOS violated orgy, but keep the volatile subjects and hatespeech outta here. Banter and Ribbing is one thing, but... see rule 2.
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Streamin is a hobby for the free times i have outside of work and my relationships/engagements. Feel free to come in and chill mostly weeknights and and occasional weekends, on PST. Trying to establish a new weekly schedule, best way to find out if I am going live is on my Discord. Linked through the About Me hyperlinks.