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I am Nova Patra. Digital Entertainer & Performer. @Novapatra.

Welcome to my Corn[hub]

I'm Nova (also known as Ms. Patra) - the head teacher of Home Ec :) In a nutshell, Corn[hub] is a virtual umami cafe academy rooted in #alkalinity awareness and modern plant-based culinary education. This is a place where I see my students have a fun + silly time while learning something on the stream to inspire them to +1Up their health. I believe it's in everyone's potential to shift themselves towards a more radiant version of themselves without having to sacrifice taste. That's why I am here to let you look into my kitchen and get to know me. I want to share all my healthy food secrets with you. I know how to make healthy food taste really delicious and it's my calling to deliver it to my students in a light-hearted way.

Code of Conduct

1. A safe place for plant-based education where we welcome the diversity of all kinds of students with different dietary practices to participate. 2. Be positive and kind to Ms. Patra (Nova Patra), Teacher Assistants (Mods) and all students in the chat. 3. Don't argue with anyone - especially the TA's who assist Ms. Patra in monitoring the chat. 4. No bullying, sexism, racism, homophobia, hate-speech, or making someone feel inferior of their life choices - including dietary choices! 5. Use English as the official language in chat. 6. Do not self promote or advertise. 7. Do not ask Ms. Patra to do anything that is out of context to what she's streaming. You will be banned if you type a request that violates Twitch Rules + Terms. 8. If you need clarity of Nova Patra's previous content creation history, please read FAQ. Do not ask in chat; you will be banned.
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[Click here to Tip Nova]( Thank you for your contribution to my stream and my mission to raise #alkalinity awareness. My goal is to always use the money towards something that can make the streaming experience better for my Corn[hub] students. *Any donations of $111 or more will get a corny love care package from me. Each package will be one-of-a-kind and personalized. It includes a handwritten card, a vacuum-sealed bag of my dehydrated plant-based goodies made with love, and some handpicked samples of my favourite superfoods + spices.
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**What's your nationality and ethnicity?** Canadian-born-Chinese **What languages do you speak?** I speak English and Cantonese. **What games do you stream?** I normally stream my cooking + meditation in Just Chatting and .... once in a blue moon, maybe I'll stream Hearthstone. **Where do we send business inquiries?** Please send all business inquiries via email to

Frequently Asked Questions

**Why aren't you banned on Twitch?** I am not banned on Twitch because the viral video of me was an adult-niche video made to look like it was a live-stream. (Yes I started my content creation career in 2014 as a webcam model/ adult-niche creator)! **Are you still a webcam model/ adult-niche creator?** Nope! **Why not?** I became a webcam model quite late in my life (age of 29). I was in the industry for 4 and a 1/2 years. I am 35 years old right now. **Why does it seem like you're trying not to talk about your viral video on stream?** Although I am a sexually liberated person, Twitch is a platform that is NOT intended for sexuality. I respect their Community Guidelines, so I limit those talks on sites where I am fully allowed to talk about it.
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