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I'm Nub. I'm undead and love horror games.

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If you enjoy what I do and want to support me directly, consider subscribing, cheering, or buying merch! You can also directly tip me by clicking here: [Tips via StreamElements]( Wanna get a thing for your money? Consider buying some merch here: [Design by Humans Merch Shop]( I regularly donate to the following charities, and if you would like to support them as well, please consider directly donating via the links below. Thank you <3 [American Foundation for Suicide Prevention]( [Black Lives Matter]( [COVID19 Emergency Response](
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- Name: Just call me Nub - Age: 34 I'm a nearly lifelong gamer and horror fan, old anime fan, former cosplayer, former studio musician, occasional speedrunner, cat dad and all around big old nerd. I started streaming on Twitch back in October 2011 just as a fun thing with friends, got more focused on speedruns and story playthroughs of Silent Hill games in 2015 which is how my channel grew to be partnered in March 2017. These days things are a bit more casual and varied. Streaming is an escape for me, but I also want to make this a special place for you to escape to as well, so hopefully you'll find whatever I'm doing entertaining. Either way, thanks for spending your time here with me and this kick ass community.
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