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I play every brand new AAA games.


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#[My Gaming Gear] ( #[Merchandise]( *Get some Nukem T-Shirt, Hoodies, Mugs, Phone cases and more! :)* #[My Capture Card]( *This is what I use to record all my PC/Console Gameplay* #[Steel Series]( *All my gaming equipment is from Steel Series)*

Want to support me?

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Use your Twitch Username as the Nickname, A message will Pop Up on stream. You will feed me with more cup of noodles ^^ Thank you for your love and support #[Click Here to Donate](

Chat Rules

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**1. Be nice and respectful PG-13 Chat** **2. Mods usually remove inappropriate message then timeout next if serious a ban** **3. Do not ask for a shout out & advertise** **4. Please do not mention about ad block and please disable it so I can get money for food** **5. No Spoilers, Backseat gaming is okay if I need help.** **6. Links are okay if they are related to the stream and is appropriate.** **7. Please speak in English since this stream is in English** **8. Do not tell me to play a different game than I am currently playing**

Streaming Schedule

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Hey my streams are very inconsistent since my life and YouTube is crazy. I really love to talk with and hangout with you guys. If you want to be notified when I stream add me on [Twitter](!/nukemdukemz) **Schedule are subject to change randomly these are rough ideas of the times I will Stream**

Social Media

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###[YouTube]( ###[Twitter](!/nukemdukemz) ###[Snap Chat]( ###[Facebook]( ###[Steam]( ###[My Finance Channel](

About Me

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**My commentary is family-friendly and I try to keep things moral. Keep in mind some games I play may not follow my personal views and commentary** If you would like to see other games that I have completed check out my **[YouTube video Playlist](** [Fan Mail] [Business Contact Information] NUKEMDUKEMS@GMAIL.COM

Subscribers Benefits

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1.AN EPIC DANCE BY ME ON CAMERA! 2. Everyone on Stream welcoming/Cheering at You 3. Subscriber special Chat Badge 4. Subscriber unique Chat Emoticons 5. Play with NukemDukem 6. Monthly Subscribers giveaway 7. No Slow Chat 8. Possible Mod Privileges if we are short on Mods 9. Be on my friends list 10. Requests non copyrighted music on stream. 11. Be NukemDukem's Best Friend! 12. NO ADS!

Delivery me food while I am streaming <3

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You can now send me food while I am streaming. Notification will pop up. Once every 5 hours [link](

Discord Server (Open to everyone)

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Talk to other fans during the live stream or off stream [link](

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