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you must be tired. you're not alone now.


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nice to meet you! my name is **jase** somewhere in **the netherlands** i work as a **software developer** i hope the stream makes you smile or feel comfortable! art by [Niki](! **donations** nice try, meof.


most of the time I play Final Fantasy XIV.. if not, my current backlog of games are: - **Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice** - **Metro Exodus** - God of War - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Thinking of playing: - Donut County Recently finished: - Death Stranding - Omori - Divinity: Original Sin II - Trachi - House Flipper - Ruined King - Final Fantasy VII: Remake **bold** is current.

trachi by nory

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One of my dearest friends developed an immersive story RPG called Trachi. Please check it out by clicking the header image or by clicking [here](!