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Terran player. WCG USA finalist 2003-2010. Past teams: By., Evil Geniuses


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USA Terran player since 1998 and WCG USA finalist from 2003-2010. Went to grand finals in 2007. Former member of legendary By. Clan and Team Evil Geniuses. My goal is to become a caster for KSL / ASL. If you want to support me please give me feedback on my casts by posting on youtube or messaging me here. Thanks!

Donations and Penalty Wheel

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Want to troll me in game? Donations of $2 or more spin the penalty wheel. $2 = 2 spins, $3 = 4 spins, $5 = 7 spins, $10 = 15 spins.


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I get asked quite often what someone should do to improve. Obviously you have to play a lot but here is a list of things I do when trying to improve. **Play with the game timer** and learn the timings of upgrades, unit build time, etc. For example if you see an arbiter come out of the stargate it will take 2min 15sec to get enough energy for recall. If you play with the game timer you'll know exactly when recall is available and be able to delay turrets and produce as many units as possible. **Watch Pro VODs** and copy their build. While watching games I try to deduce why they are doing X. I recently learned Flash scouts on 11.5 where as I was scouting on 12. Why does he do this? The reason for this is because if he scouts the hatchery first he can build a CC before even building the 2nd depot. Little things like this add up and can improve your build order dramatically. **Be less aggressive.** When you are aggressive you mess up your build by missing scvs, missing depots, missing macro cycles, etc. We live in a macro era so you should focus on that. If you can't macro, you can't win. After you get your macro down, slowly increase your aggressiveness to improve your multitasking. **Play single player.** If you are trying to implement something new (new hotkeys, F keys, etc) or are just rusty go into single player and execute your build. I was not a believer in single player until I tried it but it really works. Here is an example: []( Notice I didn't say anything about APM. If you focus on the things above your play will improve and over time your APM will go up. If you try to "force" your APM to go up you will just end up playing sloppily.

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Twitter: []( Youtube: [](


Mouse: [Razer Viper Mini]( Keyboard: [Leopold FC750R]( Monitor: [BenQ Zowie XL2411P]( Microphone: [CAD e100s]( Mic Stand: [Rode PSA1]( Cam: [Logitech C922](