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I'm Nyx, the chaotic neutral kitsune! Here to stream a variety of games from multiplayer to story!

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About ME!

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Hi guys! The names Nyx! I am a chaotic neutral kitsune, here to have fun and play games for your enjoyment! I am a big LBGT+ supporter! Don't mind the dragon guarding the fridge, he is just protecting the snacks!


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Come join us in the Hellz Gate! We are all a bit crazy there!! 18+ ONLY!

Cancer Research UK

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I will be doing a yearly stream on or around the 20th of December to raise money for Cancer Research UK. This is dedicated to my late mother who sadly passed away in 2018, we always helped raise money for this charity together and I plan to keep the tradition going!

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I was told to put this here \o/ It's your choice if you click it, not mine!