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hello frens, i’m vamp (any pronouns)! i am a cozy and chaotic variety streamer. being a creator who is queer, disabled, and a person of color, my space prioritizes those apart of marginalized communities. come hang out with me and let’s have fun! ∞༺♥༻✧

About Me

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✧ hello! my name is vamp (any pronouns), a cozy and chaotic variety streamer from california. i am lesbian & trans, disabled, neurodivergent, and a person of color. ✧ my space is open to all, though i prioritize my friends who are also apart of marginalized communities. ✧ being someone who deals with grief and struggles with mental illness, my space welcomes those who are also grieving and welcomes my friends who find an outlet through gaming and streaming.


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✧ any form of racism, homophobia, ableism, fatphobia, transphobia, etc is not tolerated. ✧ this is an 18+ channel. if you are not yet 18, please feel free to come back when you are. if me or the mods find out you are here before you are 18, you will be asked to leave and/or banned. ✧ please refrain from using language that could be triggering to others, of course we never know what can trigger someone, but please be mindful and respectful around sensitive topics. ✧ no self promo or spamming in chat. ✧ no backseat gaming, vamp will ask for help if needed. ✧ be nice, kind, and have fun! this space is meant to be safe, welcoming, and cozy so let’s respect and enjoy each other’s company here in the space!

What I Stream

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✧ i love to stream a variety of games, some of which include: legend of zelda: breath of the wild, animal crossing, and stardew valley. ✧ i also like to have co-working streams to provide a space where people can be cozy and get stuff done while having someone to hangout with. it’s like one big study date! ✧ i like to do just chatting streams as well. sometimes we will hang out and chat while i do my makeup, other times i’ll hold a space for discussion around more serious topics (ie. queerness, ableism, race, etc).

Disabled Content Creators Collective

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✧ vamp is apart of the dccc aka the disability content creator collective, they are a supporting member of the collective and have multiple disabled identities those of which include mental and physical issues. ✧ the dccc is a diverse, BIPOC-forward space for folks who have similar values on content creation to connect and discuss ableism (blurb taken from the dccc's twitter). ✧ the dccc is founded by ChiChi (@psoymilk) and Quarky (@MxQuarkyCat)

Meet The Mods

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✧ anika [(anikaluvsapples)]( anika (they/she) is a chronically ill and disabled variety streamer who streams lots of cozy gaming content. anika is also a nonbinary ace lesbian who chats a lot about disability and their experiences with it as a disabled lesbian. anika is vamp's girlfriend and right hand man! ✧ one [(onenextdoor)]( one (she/her) is a chill, ace, fat latina variety streamer that uses a pngtuber and streams games from acnh to stardew to minecraft to fortnite! one is thee mod of the century so make sure you follow the channel rules! one is also 1/3 of the team [mediocre mayhem](, a group of siblings that play video games, so make sure to check them out! ✧ sol [(soleragaming)]( solera (she/they) is a bi latina streamer that plays LOTS of dead by daylight but will also stream games like fall guys, minecraft, fortnite, and occasionally, have co-working streams. sol is another member of the mediocre mayhem crew so don't forget to show them love!


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✧ get notified when i go live and keep up with the chaos on my [Twitter]( ✧ want to watch back my old vods? subscribe to my [YouTube](


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✧ due to my mental and physical disabilities, I have not been able to work or have a steady source of income since october 2021. if you would like to show me some extra support, here are my donate links: ✧ Cashapp: $oatmilkvamp01 ✧ [PayPal]( @oatmilkvamp01 ✧ Tip me on [Ko-Fi!]( ✧ Buy me a gift from my wish list on [Throne!](