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Dad jokes, games, nerd stuff, geeky fun, and good times!


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Just a variety streaming, gaming geek dad that loves to have fun! Gaming from the Middle of the Mitten, feel free to stop in and enjoy. I go by my many names, some of them are OD, Ac, or Aaron.


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Things have been chaotic as of late, and I am trying to get back to streaming more regular! In the meantime, stay tuned, as I try to mix things up!


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All are welcome, and much love to you for stopping in. The list is easy, and makes it so everyone has fun! After all that is why I play, and hope you do too! ~Be Respectful. No need to be an online tough guy/girl, or a twit. We end up just laughing at you. It's not pretty. ~No racism of any kind. ~No age talk. Also know that this can be 18+ stream sometimes, and I have no control over what other people say. Keep this in mind before getting offended. ~ No self promoting. Hang around long enough, I will definitely throw some love your way! ~ No posting links without my approval. Let's have some fun!


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If I am not streaming, you can still track me down in Discord! Feel free to stop by or even join in!


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What? I'm offline?!?!? Have no fear. Feel free to follow or message me. Heck, why not do both! You may even find some of the other antics I get into! You can find me: Twitter: @ODSTAc310

Archives (pronounced R Chives)

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What? You wish to see more of the adventures, or mis-adventures depending on your point of view, that I get into. Here is where I keep some of the great gaming moments that I have been lucky enough to be part of. (Or unlucky enough...) Feel free to check back often, or make it easy and subscribe to follow! Youtube: ODST Ac310

Virtual Tip Cup

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If it wasn't for you guys and gals, I wouldn't even want to do this! It is not a requirement at all, but greatly appreciated if you do. I love the Twitch community, and am grateful to be a part of it! *By clicking the "donate" button you understand that it is of your own free choice to do so, and that all transactions are final.