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Actor & Console Casual. | Yonko from CBBC, incase you were confused. | PS4 & PS5 Streamer | Subscribers get access to 'The "Omm!" Squad' Discord Server!

My Pop Culture Podcast

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Matt & I host a pop culture podcast that comes out weekly on Spotify (linked here), Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud etc.

My 'CBBC' Podcast

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I used to talk to a puppet for a living. Learn about making kid's TV from myself and a bunch of big-name guest stars in this monthly show.

Streaming w/ Elgato

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As a MacBook Pro user I'm able to stream thanks to the HD60 S+, kindly gifted to me by Elgato. Click here to find out more!

Stream Donations & Tips

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Bits too boring? Tip and appear onscreen! Want to help put money toward the Donation bar? Here's the link! <3

Games & Gifts

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Want me to play a game *so bad* you're happy to buy it? I'll add it to my Wish List! Plus if you ever want to surprise Queen Lucy or myself with a gift... x

Support Me via PayPal

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If you're enjoying the streams and want to thank a struggling actor with a tip, click here to donate to my PayPal. It's very much appreciated! x

My *Other* Twitch Channel

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Check out our #BigDamnStream with my bestie/big spoon Matt! He has an occasional show called 'Adventures In Backlogging'!

Buy Me A 'Coffee'

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If you like my wiffles and waffles on here and fancy saying 'thanks', you can chuck me £3 on Ko-fi for a coffee (or chocolatey treat)!

Every #BigDamnPlay Game

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If you missed a complete play-through of a game here on Twitch, never fear: each one gets uploaded to YouTube shortly after! Click here!