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Epic Partner 🦋That super lit Aquarius from Beargangnetwork! Variety streamer, that being said Gamer mom that's addicted to pizza and dumplings but also Veganish

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Hey, my name is Roe there’s a light chance I’m a goofball but you’ll love it here! 💕 I am variety streamer from North Carolina originally New Jersey. Quick facts about Roe Babyyyy Age : 29 Zodiac : Aquarius Twitch Affiliate : September 2021 System : PC / PS4 Gamer tags Psn : Poodajay23 Epic : Ohroebaby Steam : Ohroebaby Wanna know more ? Come hang out with me Fluffy Couch Zone!


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WELCOME TO THE FLUFFY COUCH! Be respectful No sexism and Definitely no racism! Jokes are meant to be funny not rude You can put your feet on the couch just take off your shoes !

Buy me a pizza ?

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Donations are not required but are greatly appreciated. Donations go towards new equipment and maybe a slice of pizza lol jk!

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Hey, wanna follow me on social media? Click the image above and it will take you to all of my links! Can't wait to follow you back.


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AD free viewing ! Cool Emotes! Channel points are doubled ! Do you have Amazon prime ? Click the subscription image to Subscribe to me for free with Twitch Prime !

Wish list

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Hey!!! This list is composed of things that i could use but can not get at the moment .... Thank you in advance !