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Name is David, LGBTQIA+ Asian streamer from Indonesia 🌈 I'm a freelance graphic designer, and I stream my art work commissions, Fortnite, ACNH and IRL as well!

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Get an extra 3 months free by subscribing through my special referral link! You can click on the picture, or use this link: Subscribing with this link will also help Okaido to pay bills and support the stream!

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I'm an official ambassador of the It Gets Better Project, and will be streaming on their Twitch channel from October until March! Please go click on the pic and give IGBP a follow <3

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Name is David, LGBTQIA+ Asian streamer from Indonesia 🌈 I stream Nintendo games like ACNH, BOTW, Pokemon and also IRL stream every Mon, Wed, Fri 8.30 AM EST πŸ₯° A professional debate and public speaking trainer, freelance illustrator ❀️ Ask me about my commission πŸ₯°


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Donation contributes to better stream quality on my channel. Donations are really appreciated but never required. Dono incentive: $5 Small drawing on my face $10 Private Treasure Island Access (ACNH) $20 A song for you on stream $50 Draw emote on stream based on your request AND uploaded to be used for the channel! Please don’t donate if you are in need of money! You can also support me by subscribing at 🌈 You will get access to my emotes which you can see here πŸ₯°