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A lot about me

Name is Justas. Been singing for most of his life and playing guitar for a lot of it. Been a part of various Lithuanian TV shows, projects, concerts and festivals performing solo, with bands, choirs and as a back-up singer. Received a bachelor’s degree in vocal jazz music performance. After finishing his degree he started focusing more on creating things on the internet. It started with creating a channel on a live-streaming platform called Twitch. Since the start of his Twitch Channel, called ‘OldTaima’, in 2019, he's done a lot of things. Implemented many cutting edge visual and interactive elements to the stream never before seen anywhere on Twitch. Released a single called "High" which is his first ever self-produced track. Of course, the ever-expanding songlist and new originals are the biggest part of the stream. So be sure that many more things will come soon! His main goal is to inspire singers and guitar players all over the world, to create and play music and push the livestreaming of music to the next level. It is to be said that streaming is not his only activity. Justas also produces and writes his own music, which some of it can be found on his [YouTube channel]( as well. All in all, Old Taima is a well rounded musician with a lot experience and mind focused on providing the best listening, visual and community experience. You can find him on where he regularly streams. Contact me: [Instagram]( [Discord]( Makers of emotes: xsouxsou29, RedFridge007, Luneshi