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Hi I'm Kaene from the Netherlands. Hearthstone Battlegrounds streamer, 12K+ :^)

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If you choose to donate the money will go 100% to upgrading my current stream setup. Which consists of my phone as my camera, I could use a better microphone and my pc hardware which is almost 5 years old.


When I have time, normally very busy with school right now and often too tired because of that.... :(

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Hey, I'm Kaene from the Netherlands, 23 years old. I currently study IT programming in Nijmegen and am 2/4 years done. I've been actively watching on twitch for over 8 years and probably spent over 5k hours watching twitch streams. I finally decided to start streaming what I was doing on my pc since corona made it a bit easier to decide what I was going to do this summer. I plan on streaming all summer as much as I can mainly just for fun, since I felt like why should I not stream it. It could be fun to interact with people while playing games instead of just watching other streams on my other monitor (which I will still do sneakily during streaming sometimes lol).

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