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High menace energy, low level courage, unimaginative creativity.


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**Welcome!** Hello, I'm OneNextDoor and you can call me One (she/her). I'm here to stream whatever interests me at the moment. I'm naturally quiet but can also be quite talkative or loud when motivated by the circumstance. I am also 1/3 of Mediocre Mayhem, so you'll see me playing multiplayer games with [Sol]( and [Marz]( We each take turns hosting the game on our individual streams.


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✔ This channel is 18+ and marked as mature content. ✔ Be respectful of everyone. It should go without saying that we don't tolerate any form of hate speech, bigotry, or discrimination of any kind here. ✔ Be mindful of what you're sharing. ✔ No backseat gaming. ✔ No spamming/advertising/etc. ✔ Follow Twitch's Code of Conduct


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**Most likely to see on stream:** ✔ Minecraft ✔ Animal Crossing: New Horizons ✔ Stardew Valley ✔ Dead By Daylight ✔ Bear and Breakfast ✔ Fortnite ✔ Puzzles I do mostly play casual, simulator, horror, farming sim, and indie games that can either be single or multiplayer. We do love a good visual novel and puzzles too! I like trying out different games and the ones I like make repeat appearances, but my backlog and wishlists expand by the day.


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**PNGTuber** ✔ Pfp and PNG Tuber made using [Tobi.ster_Oven]('s Picrew [Character Creator]( ✔ [Veadotube Mini]( brings my PNGtuber to life ✔ Vtuber Assets on Just Chatting screen made by [ArgamaWitch]( and can be found on their [Booth page]( ✔ Teddybear Asset made by [Usanekomemory EN]( and can be found on their [Booth page]( **VTuber** ✔ Vtuber created using [Ready Player Me]( ✔ Vtuber brought to life using [Animaze]( **Visual Stream Elements** ✔ Screens, Alert, Overlays, Banner, and Panels made by me ✔ Badges from [LDDesignsAU]( on Etsy ✔ Emotes from [VidElement]( on Etsy

Game Mods

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Here are the links to the mods I use for my games: **Minecraft** These are the mods you're most likely to see on the worlds I play on. Most worlds are pretty vanilla or "vanilla plus." ✔ [Fabric Loader]( ✔ [Minihud]( ✔ [MaLiLib]( ✔ [Litematica]( ✔ [OptiFabric]( ✔ [OptiFine]( ✔ [Xaero's World Map]( ✔ [Xaero's Minimap]( ✔ [Better F3]( **Stardew Valley** Links will take you to NexusMods, ModDrop, or mod specific websites. The mods I use are: ✔ [SMAPI - Stardew Mapping API]( ✔ [NPC Map Locations]( ✔ [CJB Cheats Menu]( ✔ [Chests Anywhere]( ✔ [Generic Mod Config Menu]( ✔ [Seasonal Custom Farm Buildings]( ✔ [Way Back Pelican Town]( ✔ [Rustic Country Town Interiors]( ✔ [DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour]( ✔ [Content Patcher]( ✔ [Diverse Stardew Valley](


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Tips/donations are not necessary, but I do appreciate them. Please make sure you are taking care of yourself first! Do **NOT** give me money if you need it more. Please note that tips/donations are **non-refundable, cannot be paid back**, and that you are **not** receiving a service for your donation/tip. You can tip by buying me a [coffee]( The panel image also links directly to my ko-fi page. **Thank you!**

Bloomix Studio

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Bloomix Studio is was created by [Dee](, [Rally](, and [Sleepy]( Bloomix is a content creator studio - a place where creators of many types have gathered to support one another as they journey through content creation. The goal is to uplift, support, and help members BLOOM into their full potential! The Bloomix logo links to the studio's Twitter page, if you'd like to see what members are up to.