Hello im your average gamer loser that wants to make his dream come true and become a streamer. I am a gangplank 1 trick trying my best to climb the ladder in NA in league of legends but from time to time you will see me play other games.


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I stream for extra life because when i was a kid my life was saved by my local children's hospital so the least i can do is try to give back and make a difference to repay them for the life i was allowed to live with their help

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Ive been a gamer/ nerd for most of my life and like most people would love to make a living out of gaming, im a huge fan of starwars, i love talking to people and making new friends, and as i enjoy raising money for charity. IF you decided you want to donate i promise intill the day comes that i am a big streamer all the money i make from twitch will be used to make the stream better for you guys to watch