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Jim is a fun loving guy with an adulterated sense of humour and a passion for VR rhythm games. Feel free to drop by, hang out and have fun! All my streams are 18+ since you never know what's going to be discussed.

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Hey there! My name is OnlyJims. Feel free to call me Jim. I'm an all round nice guy from the UK with a lewd sense of humour, hence the user name being kinda similar to a certain platform. I'm new to streaming and love playing VR games, mostly rhythm based, and occasionally may also venture into the world of non-VR games. I'm just here to have fun playing games and enjoy time with anyone who wants to hang out.
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If you want to request a song/map in Synth Riders or Beat Saber, follow these instructions: For Synth Riders: Go to and search for your song/map. Find the song you like, then add it to the queue by typing !srr followed by the song name and/or artist name into chat. For Beat Saber: Go to then either use the magnifying glass in the top right corner and search for your song/map or navigate through the categories in the menus. When you find it, click the little Twitch icon just below the song title, then paste it into chat.
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Whilst I will never ask for anything from the community, donations/tips are always welcome and will generally be put towards PC or stream equipment and improvements. If you are still willing to be so kind, please use the following link: