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Just playing games and chatting with friends.

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Moin everyone! I am a 22 year old Student from Germany that enjoys socialising doesn't matter if online or offline. I am definitley not a pro when it comes to gaming, in other words stay to see me fail. Feel free to ask me questions, be it personal ones or not,but I probably won't answer some of them.
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- no racism or sexism or any other hate speech - no backseat gaming or spoilers - respect each others - no self promoting or spamming and just treat others like u wanna be treated so that everybody has fun and can enjoy the stream <3
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Whoever wants to join my Discord for a chat or a game pls do so. Can't wait to play with u guys <3

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Show these Streamers some Love <3 They are awsome people and the reason i even started to stream - Jannison28 - Marzipan_tv - HexCod3 - Lyseann - dynexx12 - brokentv