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🔬 Microscopy, 🎹 synthesizers,🐈 machine cats,📖 ancient poetry & mythology, 🪢 feedback loops, fractals and chaos. Music is live and improvised. Nothing strange going on here.

Microscope Recordings

Microscope video/photography is available for you to use in your own creative projects. I make this available for free, with no need to credit me or whatever. Recordings are in Discord, but if you'd like something custom made that is uniquely your own - DM me.

What is this? (short version)

Hi, I'm Austin. I teach math by day, and tinker with music, science, art, and old poetry by night. The goal here is a mix between creativity, education, inspiration, relaxation, and mind broadening, with a side of goofiness. Be chill Be respectful of others Try to have an open mind This is an inclusive community that welcomes everyone who can play nice with others. Emote unlocks are priced as low as possible with points. Use 'em

Support the stream

The best way to improve the stream is to watch, be friendly, and give constructive input. Please do NOT spend money on this stream unless you are being responsible with your finances. Support for the things I do means the world to me, thanks friends. [Wish-list here.]( [Tipping link via Ko-fi.]( *Note* Ko-fi doesn't take a fee, and also offers memberships - preferred method here [Tipping link via Streamlabs.](


Microscope: Swift 380T with Canon Rebel SL3 camera and some homebrew extras. Brain: Human Music: Sub37, Minibrute 2S, Drumebrute Impact, RC505, Theremini, a little modular and fx.

Links to some of my videos

[My Youtube Channel]( [Kaleidoscopic Crystals]( [Worm Digestion]( [Tardigrade Clip]( [Tardigrade Molt]( [Fast Crystal Growth]( [Double Laser](

Credit for stream features

Our BEEP emote was graciously provided talented streamer, friend, and artist [ChrisLCox]( Our Portal Cat emotes and Tardigrade Rave emote were graciously provided my talented friend and artist[Laylia_]( We also often feature bird calls graciously recorded by our friend [Blackpoole1]( who also made our lovely cat emotes Our pixel art observatory scene is used with permission from pixel artist [kldpxl]( Cat animations were purchased from a great 3D artist [UON Visuals]( Crazy bot EvenBotPro comes from, you guessed it - our friend [EvanDotPro]( Recursive visual effects were inspired by instructions given by another creative twitch streamer who is a wizard with OBS effects [Blake Balance]( Countless other sources of inspiration are all around twitch, but I would need a list over 100 items long. I'll be shouting them out frequently!