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Hi! My name is Platinum or Plat, you can call me Platinum or Plat. i enjoy RPG Games, Sandbox, and your occasional Shooters Games. You can usually catch me playing Minecraft, Smite or Valorant on Streams!

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##**First Stream:** *7/25/19* ##**Joined Noobcraft!:** *9/8/19* ##**Reach 50 Followers!:** *10/18/19* ##**Affiliate!:** *10/20/19* ##**Reach 150 Followers!.** *4/5/20* ******************************************* #**Next Milestones!:** * Reach 250 Followers! * Reach 10 Concurrent Subs! * Reach 500 Followers! * Reach 20 Concurrent Subs!
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All donations are optional, donating helps me upgrade the stream. Feel free to donate and help me on this journey!


># !game use this when i forget to switch to my game scene


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