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Streaming Resident Evil 4 with 403 viewers

I speedrun some games and I fixate on them until I dominate.

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If you'd like to support the stream, donations are the best way as I receive almost all of the money. I'm a full time streamer so any income goes towards my well being and is greatly appreciated. For $5, you can mediashare (audio only) a youtube video to be played on stream by adding a link on the right side of the donation page. Donators also get 4 tokens per $1 donated, which you can use to play sound effects or gif reactions on stream. Type !sfx in chat to see the list of sound effects and gifs, and instructions on how to play them.


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You can also support the stream by subscribing, currently gets you currently 34 emotes, ad free viewing, and a sub badge, or by cheering with bits. If you'd like to donate crypto you can do so [here](

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Click the image above or copy [this]( to join my discord for your daily annoying pings. Hi, my name is Orchlon, you can call me Orch or Orchy and I mostly run Resident Evil games at a high level, and I've held or still hold World Records for RE3 classic, RE2 Remake and RE3 Remake, The Lion King (Genesis). I've also ran RE1, RE7, The Simpsons Hit & Run competitively, and there are also various other games I've ran just a few times for fun. **Name**: Orchlon, Yes my actual name. **Age**: 27 **Where are you from?**: Mongolia **Why do you have your [arms]( stretched out like a spooder?**: My chair's pretty low so my arms are just slightly around nipple level so I have to stretch my arms outwards and then bend my elbows back in. It's completely comfortable. **Who are the characters in your emotes**: The [blonde]( and the [purple haired]( girls are original characters I had made to serve as a base for emotes, they're named Karen and Charlotte, the rest are characters from various video games and anime.


I start anywhere from 9pm to 12am my time, which is UTC+8. It's usually night in Australia, evening in Asia, afternoon in Europe, and early morning in the Americas when I start. I try to stream at least 5 days a week.


If you'd like to contact me you can find me at my [discord]( or you can contact me directly at Orchlon#3473 For business inquires:


Everything I currently use has been paid for by the stream. Thank you all so much. #Peripherals **Keyboard**: Ducky One 3 Fuji with Cherry MX Silver Switches, **Mouse**: Logitech G703 **Camera**: Logitech Brio **Microphone**: Blue Yeti # Current PC **CPU**: AMD Ryzen 5900x **CPU Cooler**: be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 **Motherboard**: Asus TUF B550-Plus **Memory**: Kingston HyperX 2x16GB DDR4 3200MHZ CL16 **Video Card**: Asus TUF GAMING RTX 3080 **Power Supply**: EVGA BQ Series 750W **Case**: IN WIN 707 Black Full Tower **SSD**: Samsung 970 EVO 1TB **Main Display**: LG C2 42" OLED 4K 120Hz HDR


Emotes done by [Bug Draws]( Sub badges by [Jenneticist]( Former profile picture done by [Cluly]( Offline picture done by [ItsJabo]( Never Forget Gnome emote done by [MartyGroth]( SW (Creepy Smile) emote done by Seath Xuchilbara