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Aspiring variety streamer and anime connoisseur of debatable quality. Enjoy your stay.

So what's this shindig about?

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Welcome to the far reaches, the very edge of Twitch-verse. I'm Nolano and do some Variety streaming with varying success. I'm mainly into strategic RPGs and Visual Novels, but you'll see me play all kinds of games, whatever piques my interest currently. Come say hello or feel free to lurk about, I value both a high chat interaction as well as just a chill good time.


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Wheaton's Law is in effect. (Don't be a dick) That's about it. (Also read the actual rules that pop up and/or type "!rules" in chat)


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Curious what games I have played, am playing or will potentially play? Look no further, you're just a click on the above image away! Also includes all the polls from the !vote command at the bottom!
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The above image will (obviously) link you to my Twitter where I post when I go live as well as other shenanigans sometimes. Typing "!social" in chat will also lead you to some other stuff like my Discord in which I am a lot more active.


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Are you crazy enough to send me some money to inflate my ego, make me say dumb shit, bolster my believe that Broadcasting is a productive effort or allow me to stay sane by buying tasty food? Well now you can. You silly person. Also consider Subscribing first, that way you also get some swank stuff out of it (Like Ad-free watching.)