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Just an Ori, checking out the streams of games I love or would like to try, and meeting some chill people along the way; Maybe even stream a bit myself! I'm a very casual "gamer", Californian, and a member of the LGBTQ+. :]

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(PLEASE READ) ✽18+ Stream. ✽ Mature Channel (Expect swearing/ innuendos) ✽ Be Kind (Treat others how you expect to be) ✽ Be Respectful (Know who you're "joking" with) ✽ _NO_ Back Seat Gaming (If I didn't ask, I don't care) ✽ _NO_ Hate Speech (Just GTFO of my channel) ✽ _NO_ Self Promotion (I'm more inclined to promote friends) (CHANNEL MUSIC) ✽ Monstercat Website: ✽ Monstercat Youtube Channels:
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(Since a few people have asked, clicking this panel's banner will take you to my Tip page!) ✽ _DO NOT_ feel obligated to leave a Tip. I'm grateful for any and all contributions; whether it's a Follow, Subscription, Tip, In-Game Item, Company in Chat or a good Laugh.