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Cyborg that's part of the problem. Sassy and competent. We do Indies here - do you want cries with that?

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Hi! I'm OtherRyn. Feel free to call me that or just 'Ryn'. And no, we don't talk about RynPrime (how DARE she)! The first game I remember playing was *Choplifter!* on the Apple II. In the early days, it was mostly consoles - Atari, NES, Sega... Then I built my first computer with the help of a friend in the mid '90s. Since then, it's been whatever I can get my hands on. I prefer PC, but consoles get my love as well. I play a variety of games, but you probably won't see first person perspectives in this channel. (Unless it's a game I really really want to play.) I'm originally from Alaska, but now living in Düsseldorf, Germany (having moved from London, England). In January 2016, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes (that's the autoimmune one that usually gets diagnosed in childhood). So, if I pop off screen or say 'hey, I'm feeling wonky' there's a possibility that I'm having a hypo (low blood glucose levels) and will need to test and have some candy. (Also, if you ever see me start to shiver on stream, YELL AT ME to test. I won't be offended, I promise.) Also, I'm owned by catsnakes. They might occasionally get some screen time. Because they're adorable.
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1. Don't be a dick (Wheaton's Law) 2. No racist/homophobic/sexist slurs. See Rule 1. 3. No spoilers. I get it. You love the game I'm playing like breathing. Some other people are just here for the journey with us. Respect that. 4. Backseating is okay but don't be a dick about it. Make suggestions rather than demands. Asking "why did you do X" instead of "DO THIS" goes over better. 5. Be welcoming. We're a small community but we are growing. Do your part to help our community is a good one. 6. Have fun. Seriously, we're all here to have fun. 7. NO POLITICS Rules subject to change by the capricious whim of OtherRyn and/or the ferrets.
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Tips are never expected, but always appreciated. If you would like to support one of my favourite charities instead, I support [Apopo Hero Rats]( and a portion of any tips to the channel will go to support one of the charities Augs or I support. Disclaimer : Any funds received are not for goods or services, but are monetary tips to help support this stream. Your presence is more important than any monetary support, so please do not think that you need to tip to be a part of this community. Before tipping, please consider that your tips are non-refundable, not tax-deductible, and no perks are given to tippers at this time. Thank you so much for being here!