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Variety streamer playing mostly solo games, singing randomly, and making fun of NPCs. LGBTQ+. Viewers 18+ please.

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Twitch Team!! I'm happy to be a newly inducted member of Wild Abandon. Please give them some love!

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Hello! I'm Oura and I'm a furry. A mouse. Don't worry about it. (Avatar by @theausup) The purpose of this channel is to stream games mostly in the action rpg/horror genre, though I will probably do some random other types here and there as well. I don't really plan out WHAT I'm going to play. Every stream is a surprise, even to me. Why watch me play games? Well, I'm funny. Trust me. Also, this is an 18+ channel. I'm normally not tooooooo bad, but anything can happen! So please be aware! If you like my content and want to support me with real money dollars, click the angry boy to the right. -> -> -> ->

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Get yourself a shirt featuring a tiny mouse.