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Howdy, I'm Pom(had the nickname since kindergarten)! I am a F/A-18 fanatic and ET in the USNR, and as a consequence I mainly stream DCS, but when the mood strikes I like to dabble in Elder Scrolls, Fallout, various JRPGs, FPS in general with a emphasis on a strong storyline and mechanics.

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Additional Commands Supported By Nightbot: !ATWG : Our Community Discord !normiesout : Don't Be Like Rodrigo !pcspecs : My Current PC Build !playlist The IN LAR Master Playlist !pomstime : My Current Time (Intended for international viewers- Displays EST(EDT When In Effect) And Zulu !uptime : Shows Current Stream Uptime !ddcs : Server I'm usually on.
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Kristian( SA342 Gazelle NTTR Map Persian Gulf Map F-16C PolarAES: DCS:Supercarrier+ Su-33 Sabreman227: Su-27, F-15C, Thrustmaster Warthog Flight Stick Rossmum: MiG-29, MiG-21 ( LazzySeal: JF-17: Cursed Export Fighter Husky777 And Other Followers/Subs: F-86 Sabre fraklesdak: Virpil MongoosT-50CM2 Throttle TheGurne: Cyberpunk 2077