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**Who made your emotes?** Cheatyface4. I then made my own background for the profile picture. Croakomire made the cover picture (which I then stole for my use). **Super Metroid controls?** My controls are the best controls. X = Shoot B = Jump Y = Dash A = Item Select Select = Item Cancel R = Angle Up L = Angle Down **What do you run Super Metroid on?** I run on a modded SNES Classic, so I can put in more games and other SM stuff, like randos, rom hacks, and practice roms. **When do you stream?** idk


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What are your goals?

I had a lot of goals here, but I never acted on them. One, 2020 happened. But really, I just never wanted to speedrun any game. I had the time, but I never used it. Partly due to my left thumb being in pain if I ran a game for more than an hour, and partly due to changing focuses. Even if my times are improvable, I feel like they are in a good spot, and represent what a person not good at video games can do. I think Super Metroid is probably the game I am the best at, and pushing further is not worth the energy for the time save. So on that, I consider myself semi-retired. If there is a tournament of a category I'm interested in (100%, Map Completion, Rando League, SM Legacy, SM Nature, etc), I might join without much practice. Otherwise, not many runs will come from me.