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Welcome to The Library! My name is Oz. I am a Vtuber, variety streamer, artist, and virtual steward of The Library at the End of the Universe.Model art: Me. Hi, I'm Oz~Rigging Mama: Kaiser Brenner

Chat Commands~

All commands should begin with an ! and are typically on a personal cooldown between uses, to prevent spamming. !raid - Our "raid phrase," for copy-pasting when we go on raids. !drawing - The current tools that I use for my digital art streams. !lurk - If you want to let me know you will be lurking and just watching the stream (NOT REQUIRED, BUT AVAILABLE!) !socials - A quick link to my Twitter, and any other social media I will be adding. Also, SECRET COMMANDS! These must be discovered in time.

About Me~

My name is Oz Cyphara, I am the virtual Steward of the Library at the End of the Universe. My pronouns are They and She. I am pre-debut, and I do work on some of the assets live on stream. DEBUT DATE - TBA Likes: Video games, art, women (I will simp.) EVEN THOUGH I AM MOSTLY SFW, I WILL BE NSFW ON OCCASION AND AM SEX-POSITIVE.