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Naturalist, plankton enthusiast, human. Most plankton samples I stream are collected from near the tide station in San Francisco, CA - Station ID: 9414290. I am fascinated by the intersection of Science and Art. Photomicrography and plankton is what you will see here.

Who is Pacific Plankton?

On the edge of the Eastern Pacific Ocean, I venture into local marine plankton using my microscope, my camera, and my nature journal. I am interested in exploring the intersection of art and science. Seeking to understand the many microscopic marvels in the marine plankton. As a naturalist, nature journaling plankton has been a key part of my personal journey through the vast and mysterious world hidden beneath the waves.

Tide Station ID: 9414290 This is the link to the local tide station that was established on Jun 30, 1854. It is the nearest data collection point to where I sample plankton. Do you want to learn more? The tide station has more than just water level data , have fun exploring the cool graphs.

The Knowledge Fellowship

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Seeking knowledge and interested in sharing knowledge with others? Join the TKF Discord.

Plankton Bingo

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This image is a link, click it and generate your very own Plankton Bingo Card. If you get BINGO while observing plankton on my field trip or twitch stream send me a screenshot of your winning card and I will email you a plankton wallpaper for your phone. If you have questions about any of the plankton we see we can chat about it on my discord.

Stream Commands

!guest !sfms !diatom !microscope !tow !net !sample !bingo !link !discord !card !tkf !key !crab !rotifer

Relative Sea Level Trend 9414290 If you like data... this tide station has been in place a long time. check out this link for a view of actual sea level trends over time.