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Pahi has arrived! I'm pretty sure I used to be just like all of you but one day I woke up in this room as a VTuber. Although I haven't left this room or met anyone else in this world I've had Mighty Bomber Jackie to keep me company. I have a very wide range of interests so it's easiest to say I'm a variety streamer but there are some things you could come to expect: - Retro games - Cute anime games - Kusoge - Anything off the cuff that sounds hype or fun! I (attempt) keep an ongoing list of games I'm currently playing or plan to play [here!]( Don't be a ding dong and have fun! # Commands 💻 !uptime !twitter !youtube !ma !pa !followage !gallery !collection !throne !merch
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# Social [Twitter]( [Youtube]( [Discord]( # Credits: Model Art: [Yokura]( Pahi Rig: [Zensei-kun]( Pahi Nu Rig: [Oiivae]( Background: [GVIO Art]( BGM: [gooset]( Loading BGM: [FLASH☆BEAT]( Live2D Program: [VTube Studio]( A handful of assets in general: [Yokura]( Scuff Pahi: [AlltiettStudios]( Jackie Gacha: [Yokura](, [Oiivae](, [Beru Izumi](, [EyesofSyn](, [LOHAS](, [x__hel__x](
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If you'd like to support me or my stream, they are extremely appreciated! Please don't feel pressured at any time though. Any donations will go towards rent or be reinvested into aspects of the stream. [Donos go here!]( [I also have a Throne wishlist!]( Feel free send suggestions through the suggestion link as well as I like to round up all the suggestions and make a silly review on if we should add them to the wishlist!