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Hello! (◡ ‿ ◡ ✿) I'm Pam and welcome to the madness that is my twitch stream. I say madness but we try to be chill here. The occasional curse word so keep that in mind I guess?

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Hi, I'm Pam! I usually try to stream chill games but they usually end up being chaotic. Check out my fellow Hooligang members: **Games in the rotation (on and off stream):** ✿ Buddy Simulator 1984 ✿ Let's Build a Zoo ✿ Mini Motorways ✿ Stardew Valley ✿ Fire Emblem: Three Houses ✿ Cities: Skylines **Games Finished on Stream:** ✿ Red Strings Club ✿ Alba ✿ Breath of the Wild **Credits:** PFP: [ohgeezangie]( Music: [Johnnie Bailey]( [Lofi Girl]( [StreamBeats](
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✿ **Be civil.** We're all just here for a good time so just *c h i l l*. ✿ **English only please!** If you are gonna speak in another language you'll need to translate it so everyone can understand! ✿ **No age/location talk** I try to make sure my community is a safe space but twitch is still a public platform. Please keep age/location/identifying information to yourself for your own safety. ✿ **No Hate Speech.** Again, we're *all* here for a good time. ✿ **No Backseat Gaming.** I get it, it's frustrating but that's part of the fun of trying out games for the first time! So unless I explicitly ask, then please try to be patient. ✿ **No Promotion.** Let's be respectful not just to the streamer but to their community as well. This doesn't just refer to blatant self-promo either. Don't try to be slick *squints*. If I or the mods didn't ask, don't. There are other ways to promote your stream and it most definitely isn't in someone else's. ✿ **No Links.** If you have any clips message a mod or me to share the link so the bot doesn't time you out. (not bascothedoggo tho, that is a bot many thank) That should be it. Have fun in chat! Failure to follow the rules *will* lead to a timeout. If you're going to insist on breaking the rules, you will be banned.
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We do have a discord buuuut I've currently removed the link for safety reasons!