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Hi, I’m Pan (Stephen). I mainly do speedruns of Metroid Prime here but I stream other stuff occasionally. I don’t have a consistent schedule.


Hi, I'm Pan (Stephen). Right now I'm just a Metroid Prime speedrunner. I started learning Prime in early February of 2019 and started runs in March. I've been doing runs on and off since then. On February 1st, 2021 I became the 23rd person to complete Metroid Prime in under one hour. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.


Q: Does Pan mean anything? A: It's a nickname my friend gave me Q: No Facecam/mic? A: Sometimes I stream without either depending on if i don't feel like it or other factors. Q: Why Metroid Prime? A: I played it a lot as a kid, and I wanted to learn how to speedrun. After I saw [Edzan's 100% TAS]( (go watch it, it's sick) I became interested in running it, and eventually started learning it. Q: Are you going for WR? A: Not yet lol. Q: Do you plan on learning other categories/ speed games? A: Eventually I'm going to run Echoes, but I want to improve more in Prime 1 before I commit to that. Corruption also seems interesting, but also hard and maybe not worth the time. Not sure as of yet if I will run other games. Q: How can I start speedrunning this game? A: I highly recommend checking out the [Prime Speedrunning Discord]( for tutorials and resources. everyone I have met so far is very nice and supportive, so feel free to ask questions if you have any. Q: Will you stream other games/not speedruns at some point? A: Maybe?

Speed Running Stuff

#Metroid Prime **Any% SS: 0:58 IGT** **100% SS: 1:34 IGT** to do list: clean up prime 100% pb (<1:30 or more) learn + start running echoes any% complete prime 21% learn hyper light drifter any%