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I am Carissa! I am the proud owner of a useless pancreas (Meaning I am a Type 1 Diabetic) and I enjoy creating a wide assortment of art; I can regularly be seen painting and doing special effects makeup, but I'm always willing to try something new!


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!sr (request a song! Or 20!) !juice (Counts how many times my blood sugar goes low during streams) !pancfam (All the lovely people I know that stream!) !socials (My instagram) !typeone (Learn more about the beetus!) !badjoke !rice !robber !welcome !420 !bloodsugar !eternity !giggity !ginger !hidave !inconceivable !insulin !master !monday !mooncake !liar !harley !rareblue !mikki !potionseller !fuckyou !jordanfuck !jordanlizardfist !jordanhog !jordansheep !dobbyslut !bruh


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šŸ™. š”»š• š•Ÿ'š•„ š•“š•– š•’ š••š•šš•”š•œ. We joke around a lot in here, but there is a line; don't cross it. šŸš. ā„š•–š•¤š•”š•–š•”š•„ š•žš•Ŗ š•žš• š••š•¤; they have the capability to make your life a living hell. Fear them (I do) šŸ›. š•Œš•¤š•– š•Øš•™š•’š•„š•–š•§š•–š•£ š•š•’š•Ÿš•˜š•¦š•’š•˜š•– š•Ŗš• š•¦'š•£š•– š•”š• š•žš•—š• š•£š•„š•’š•“š•š•– š•Øš•šš•„š•™; that being said, if cursing bothers you, you may not find my stream enjoyable. šŸœ. š”»š•  š•Ÿš• š•„ š•“š•£š•šš•Ÿš•˜ š•”š• š•Ÿš•„š•£š• š•§š•–š•£š•¤š•šš•’š• š•“š•¦š•š•š•¤š•™š•šš•„ š•šš•Ÿ š•™š•–š•£š•–; we are here to have fun and make shit. šŸ. ā„š•’š•§š•– š•’ š•—š•¦š•”š•œš•šš•Ÿš•˜ š•“š•š•’š•¤š•„! Yes I have fun making art, but I have way more fun interacting with you all.

About Type One Diabetes!

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As my name (PancreasPrincess) indicates, I am a type one diabetic. I was diagnosed on December 7th, 2007; I was in the 4th grade and about 11 years old. I am currently using the T:Slimx2 insulin pump in lieu of daily injections. I also utilize a Dexcom which is a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) which allows me to not prick my fingers everyday. Feel free to ask any questions; I take zero offense and I absolutely adore spreading knowledge about something that is my entire life. The above photo is all the equipment I need to stay alive for the duration of a single month (typically I only have 2 devices attached. If you'd like to learn more about diabetes, click my gut! :)

About Me!

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Hey guys! I am Carissa; I am a type one diabetic who is into doing a wide variety of art. I mainly do special effects makeup and paintings! I live with my husband Rob and our loud mouth cat whose name is Harley. My dia-fam (@TypeOneDerful) is also on Twitch and does a bunch of awesome stuff! My dad (@wer3_glass) also streams and he makes amazing glass art! I actually got into twitch after finding an amazing comedy group (@PSLComedy) at Galaxycon, so if you like my stuff, feel free to send them some love for getting me here. In my stream we don't filter our language, we are loud, we laugh a lot, and dish out sass like no tomorrow; if that sounds like a good time to you, feel free to stay a while and get inducted into the coolest twitch family you'll find anywhere. Thanks for stopping by!