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Warning: I'm loud and talkative from time to time xD


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Hi!!!!!!! I'm Paralyze but you can call me Mel or Brian which is my IRL name. I'm a Full-time Content Manager and a freelance Web Developer that lives in the Philippines <3 I was also a drummer of multiple bands when I was in college and I'm thankful to experience contributing to multiple song compositions. ( music stream soon? xD ) I've been busy at work recently so I'm only been able to stream every weekend. If you are wondering why my face is kind of asymmetrical it's because I was born with Bell's Palsy. ^_^


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Enjoyed console,pc, and arcade games since I was a tiny boi. Got probably influenced mostly by my siblings XD I mainly played rhythm games when I was a kid but I've been exposed to other games in my teenage years especially MOBA. I never expected that I would transition to FPS games when I started streaming. But here I am!


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CPU - Ryzen 7 2700x GPU - RTX 2060 Ram - 16 GB 3200mhz Mobo - MSI B450 Tomahawk Monitor - Zowie XL2411P Second Monitor - AOC G2590PX Mouse - Logitech GPro wireless and G102 Keyboard - Rakk kimat XT.2 Illustration by: yuzu_ren


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Tips are not required but really really appreciated: Illustration by: yuzu_ren