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A mad-man without a blue box.

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These are the days I intend to stream: + Monday 9am eastern + Wednesday 9am eastern + Friday 9am eastern + Saturday 10am eastern

About Paranor001

A madman without a blue box... playing games.

Channel Rules

+ Any topic is up for discussion as long as it's respectful & honest + Meanness will not be tolerated + Enjoy yourself & have fun


+ !nor + !tbb + !8bc + !schedule + !social + !yt


+ If you missed a stream, everything will be available on my YouTube channel: + I can be found on twitter: @Paranor001 + Keep up on all the news on the discord: + Imgur Gallery:

What I Play

Mostly Minecraft vanilla with the possibility of other games. Computer: I7-7700 16GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti