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The streaming home of Patrick Klepek, who does not really stream much anymore.

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Patrick Klepek is a senior reporter at [VICE Games](, aka Waypoint, who's largely known for streaming (and yelling at) Super Mario Maker levels and horror games. He's a dad, he's tired, and has been reporting about video games for more than 20 years. He'll defend the finale to LOST, and used to believe The Blair Witch Project was real. Twitter: [Twitter]( YouTube: [YouTube]( Reporting: [VICE Games](
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Subscriptions are appreciated but not required. Do not do anything that would put you at hardship. Enjoy the stream. All donations are for a college fund for my daughter. If you'd prefer to tip, [you can do so here](
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My wife and I record a semi-regular—and by semi-regular, I mean we haven't recorded a podcast in a year—podcast about horror movies, [Til Death Do Us Part](, when we're not falling asleep after our daughter is in bed. Subscribe: [iTunes]( Follow: [Twitter](