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Chicago DJ, producer, professional butthead. Twitch is my full-time gig because of viewers like YOU *PBS music plays*. Expect a chatty stream with animations and flashing colors. I love darker genres & electronica, but almost anything goes! To book me for a stream, mixes, etc:

DJ Gear

Curious about my DJ gear? These are affiliate links, so I do receive a percentage of sales aside from the Serato link. Board/Mixer: DDJ-SX3 FocusRite 2i2 Mackie MC150 Studio Closed Back Headphones DJ Software:


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Thanks for being here! This is a community I am proud to be a part of. Here are my chat rules and important info! No Racism No Sexism No Homophobia No Transphobia No Anti-Maskers/COVID Deniers No bootlicking We will not tolerate any of the above. You will be banned. Please refrain from calling the DJ "hot" or any uncomfortable commentary. If you would like to say something nice: hair, clothing, makeup, nail, DJ skill compliments are welcome! My name is pronounced Patricia I use she or they pronouns! Please let me know your pronouns as well. If I mispronounce your name, let me know the pronunciation and I'll get it right.


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This stream has moving filters and animations. If you would like to turn off animated emotes in your twitch chat across all channels you visit, follow these steps: tap chat settings > chat appearance > turn off emote animations. Disabling animated and flashing emotions is available on ios and Android as well. Need help? Ask in the chat and someone will be able to provide assistance.

DJ Lessons

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Want some one on one DJ lessons? Tap the banner to contact me or shoot an email . I host DJ lessons for subscribers only on my stream from time to time for those who want to learn via stream in a group setting. Check the schedule tab to see info--it is updated weekly!


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Get your moogle hoodies, chancla tees, grogu mugs via my stream elements store! Tap the banner to browse and buy.


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Thanks so much for tipping me! I appreciate the love. Click the banner to donate or type !tip in the chat.

Music I Love And Recommend

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Visit my Bandcamp profile to see the artists I play on here and recommend! To see the current song playing or previous sets with track IDs, click here:

My WishList

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I have gear on my wish list to improve the stream or use on stream! Tap the banner to see my list. Alerts go off on stream when you purchase an item. And you get a thank you shoutout by me on the mic! is safe to purchase from for both fans and creators! For questions regarding the site, refer to this FAQ link:

Streaming Gear I Use (cam and lights)

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This is my gear for my streaming setup! These are affiliate links, so I do receive a percentage of sales. Camera capture card Sony a6000 Bundle (Main cam) Razer Kiyo (dj board camera) Aputure MC Amaran Al-MC LED Video Light Govee RGBIC Smart Wall Sconces Bedroom Snap AR for the animations and flashing effects. Computers: iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) 2015 Macbook Air ASUS - ROG Zephyrus 14" Gaming Laptop - AMD Ryzen 9 - 16GB Memory - NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 - 1TB SSD