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Hey I'm Pat. I stare at videogame. Videogame good. Also cat Elmo, dog Zangief and lady Peach Saliva here sometime. Enjoy!

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Check out Starfield here! Do it, it's cool!


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Poor Skelmo is wasting away! He can barely keep his hat on. The only thing he wants to eat is cash! If you're feeling extra generous, consider donating instead of subbing, as more of that money gets to the skeleton! Donations (and bit donations) of $5 / 500 bits will appear live on the channel and be read live during the stream! I'll get to them as soon as I take a small break, or at the very least at the end of the stream!


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Do you wanna get huge? Well then click this button and get god damn huge as fuck, and help me out with a subscription! You'll get a bunch of BIG emotes too! There's also a discord you can join by being a sub, just connect your discord to twitch and hop on! Subs'll show up and be thanked live on stream as well!


- Don't be shitty or racist please, be good to each other. - Don't post Links or Spam - Please don't backseat, if I need help, I'll ask! - Love Elmo he is a good kitty and Gief he is fatboy. - Don't post spoilers, cmon, that's shitty. - Don't use the @ command unless it's important. Especially don't spam it.


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CLICK THE CREEPY EYEBALL Either that or check the archives out at You can also check out the archived VODs here, but they don't go back much before January of 2019.


Hey if you've got business inquiries hit me up at


Big ups to JustinianKnight for making me sick layouts, art and my fancy new logo, CreepyPorpoise for making tons of great art, and Strident Song and Wistelligence for the great alert gifs! Thanks to Mothman, Woolyfish, Uncledubdub, Railith, Absolute_Weapon, Doc Ock Rokc, Mister Sups, MegboyManuel, Paolo, RubberFistFight, Bevyrage and many of the above for helping with my emotes. Thanks as well for @f1ng3rs for making some dank tunes I could use! Also big thanks to PeachSaliva for nudging me to start streaming in the first place. Justinian Knight @justinianknight Creepy Porpoise @creepyporpoise StridentSong @stridentsong Mothman @The_M0thman VoltaBass @Volta_Bass Mr Clemps @MrClemps F1NG3RS Jank Jonk by F1NG3RS feat. Dead Vector at MrBleeeh for his funny little animated intros! @JoMayCry and Thanks to @Quiet__Viking for stellar BRB and Intro animations, and huger ups to him and @Isaak_Wolf for animating and producing my fantastic Outro, and big thanks to @HalO_Sweety for the vocals! and of course Paige @PeachSaliva