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Girl Dad from St. Louis, MO living in Germany. For business Inquiries :

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>I am from St. Louis, MO, but I moved to Germany to support my then expecting girlfriend and our now 2 year old daughter. >Outside of spending time with my family I love vibin with our community and gaming.
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>**Dont's** >-No discrimination (sexism, racism, homophobia, etc) >-Avoid religious or political discussion >-Don't post links in the chat >-No arguments or drama >-No spamming (repeating the same message over and over) >-No typing in all caps > >**Do's** >-Support each other and treat one another with kindness >-Welcome first time chatters >-Be respectful
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>If you enjoy my content and would like to support the channel, feel free to leave a tip. >I have a family and by **supporting the channel it allows me to focus my energy and efforts solely on streaming**. This allows me to provide you with a better streaming experience. > Click the red Support panel icon to... well, support the channel.